3 Top Ways to Read Your Women’s Body Language during Love Making

Most of the time men ignore feelings of women when they are at bed. Even when women try to express her feelings men can’t understand their movements and body language.

This makes the love making painful in many cases and end ups with painful experience of love and love. Men should therefore have the mind and eyes that can read the woman’s body language so that they can gain maximum pleasure when they are at bed.

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Here are some of the basic points for you that can understand your woman’s body language and will help you in getting better love making.

Your Woman Not Looking at You

Try to look at your woman’s eyes while love making. If your woman is allowing you to get inside her without even look up at you, there might be some issues. Of course love cause pain but this should be pleasurable and partners enjoy it looking face to face. If every time you are trying to kiss her, she turns her face off without opening her eyes there is definitely a problem.

You should clarify this behavior and make efforts to fix it. You can gently hold her head in your hands and kiss her over her faces and whole body. Just try to communicate her during love and know the reasons of her non expecting behavior.

Your Woman is Not Responding to You

If you are enjoying the entire love making, going up and down, making all that deep insiders, kissing, rubbing, massaging, licking and much more. But your woman is just like a corpse and is not responding to you, there might be something that is making love as a pain for her.

You have to fix that too. This may be possibly due to she does not like love fun much or they may be thinking something else and not participating emotionally in love making. You should then try to communicate with her further to attract her more towards the love making. Make her participate emotionally in love making.

You’re Woman Hiding Her Body and Feeling Shy

If your woman is hiding from you and is not at all ready to get naked in front of you, there must be some problem out there. More you want to enjoy her body and want love making, more she is backing up with you. May be she want the lights to turn off and a blanket to cover body as she is little shy.

You should turn off this habit slowly so that she does not feel at all shy in front of you. You should make her believe that your two bodies are just like single and you could be enjoy the love making when you treat them as single bodies.

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