5 Categories of Food That Act as Natural Sleep Aid

Whenever you visit a medical practitioner, regarding any problems related to sleeplessness, a prescription of a list of food follows that tells about the food items that you should not have to get better sleep.

This is just because of the fact that our food consist of natural sleep aids and some forms of medications that lead us to the pathways of falling asleep easily. Here is a list of five food sources that can act as the perfect natural sleep aid for your body:


  • Chlorophyll rich foods:

Chlorophyll is the green colored pigments that consist of magnesium as one of its prime elements. It is said to be substance that is related to opium because of which it forms an integral part of natural sleep aids. Some traces of hyoscyarnin are also present in the chlorophyll-containing foods that act as anti cramping agent.

Lettuce has earned a long time popularity and reputation of being a chlorophyll rich food that promote healthy sleep. If the lettuce juice is mixed with some lemon juice for inculcating some flavor into it, the juice provides an effective sleep inducing effect. Since these elements are directly taken from nature, there are little chances of side effects occurring in your body.

  • Tryptophan rich foods:

It is good to take a cup of warm milk before you prepare for bed. This is because sufficient amount of tryptophan is present in dairy products. Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps in the formation of melatonin and serotonin, both of which are highly essential for inducing sleep. Therefore, tryptophan can be regarded as one of the strongest natural sleep aids and taking food rich in it may prove better and safer than some sleeping pills.

Tryptophan is not generally available from any kind of supplements. At most, these can be found in the injections that are given at the hospitals. Some of the food items, other than dairy products, that consist of tryptophan would include turkey and bananas. Since tryptophan contributes to natural sleep, doctors ask people to get this sleep inducing component from the regular foods that consist of tryptophan.

  • Carbohydrate rich foods:

Many people around the world are in the trouble of not falling asleep immediately after going to bed. If you are being a victim of such kind of problems, it is good to have diets with high carbohydrate content two to four hours before going to bed. Along with insulin secretion and plasma tryptophan ratio, the carbohydrate consumption increases the release of serotonin.

In the meal of rich carbohydrates, you can add some food that has high contents of fat. This would stimulate the immediate release of serotonin just before going to bed. Thus, you would have healthy sleep and would fall asleep immediately as you go to bed as well. Some carbohydrate rich food includes bread and pasta, potatoes, cereal and rice. If you want, you can take some turkey along with the carbohydrate rich foods.

  • Minerals rich foods

Magnesium that forms an important part of the chlorophyll diets is very important for the relaxation of muscles. Relaxation of muscles causes healthy sleep. Minerals can act as a natural sleep aid by setting aside the reasons that may be keeping you awake. Some of the magnesium rich foods include seeds of sunflower and sesame, wheat bran, cashews and almonds.

  • Vitamin rich foods

Apart from magnesium like minerals, there are certain vitamins that act as natural sleep aid: Vitamin B6 is one of them. They are good for preventing sleeplessness. B6 is generally taken with fruit juice so that the serotonin production is stimulated. Vitamin B3 is an excellent component of serotonin synthesis. Some food that have vitamin B3 includes fish, peanuts, legumes or any poultry products.

In order to make over with sleeplessness, it is ideal to take the help of natural sleep aids rather than choosing the synthetic chemicals that are present in the sleeping pills.

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