5 Killer Cosmetics: Are your Beauty Products Toxic

The beauty industry is notorious for filling personal care products with toxins. The beauty industry has been keeping everyone so mesmerized with its slogans that no one talked about the chemicals used by beauty industry.


It was only recently that beauty industry came under discussion for use of chemicals such as lead and copper that can cause several health problems  for humans. Despite heavy debate on the use of cancerous chemicals in beauty products, the industry has seldom changed its routine of introducing new products laden with killer chemicals.

Well, the obvious reason behind is that beauty industry is $ 50 billion business every year and there is no safety or regulatory nets against labeling of beauty products.

The industry has disguised itself behind the so called ‘green’ and ‘toxin free’ labels but few customers really go for reading the label. It is imperative that you read the label of your beauty cosmetics before going for payment.

In a bid to educate our readers about killer cosmetics we are putting down the list of killer chemicals one should look for before using any beauty product.

The Slayer (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is an essential part of thickening and foaming products. It is used in products that are used as floor cleaners and degreasers. Another use of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is in bubbly products such as soaps, toothpastes and shampoos. Though used in lower concentrations, the presence of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in such products is a sign of danger for consumers as a toxin. Remember one of byproduct of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is dioxane that is a known carcinogenic, a toxin.

The Terrible (Phthalates)

Phthalate is also a known toxin chemical but beauty industry uses it in perfumes and other cosmetics. Phthalates is a color stabilizer in several cosmetics. Interestingly, Phthalates is a component of different plastics. If you find any of the following labeled on your cosmetic container avoid it; DEHP, DNOP, DBP, DIDP.

The Lead (Ludicrous)

The U.S. banned lead in paints in 70s. The substance that was banned in paint is still a part of several cosmetics. Many of us know that lead is a heavy metal and a toxin too. Lead is dangerous for fetus and growing children. Not only children, Lead affects several of organs of adults.

The Murderer (Mercury)

Mercury is another heavy metal that can cause autism in children. Mercury is part of several vaccines and dental cures. The most shocking observation is that Mercury is also part of few of your cosmetic products such as eye products. While reading label of your cosmetic, look for thirmerosal and mercurous chloride. If you find any of these, avoid using such products, they are real killer cosmetics.

The Poisonous (Propylene Glycol)

Propylene Glycol is a byproduct of petroleum and is used for anti-freezing effect. Though FDA has cleared its presence in food items, it can have a part in liver and kidney damage. Propylene Glycol is skin and eye irritant. You can trace its presence in mouthwashes, massage oils, moisturizers, deodorants, fragrance oils and toothpastes. While reading label, look for propylene glycol, proptylene glycol, propanediol and words like PEG, PPG. These products are really poisonous for you.

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