5 Possible Reasons for Women Saying ‘No’

There are many reasons that women are not feeling interested in love making. Unfortunately men can’t understand the behavior and can’t find any way to tackle the situation. If your woman is also trying to say No most of the times when you are trying for making love, you should focus on these possible reasons that can help you better to tackle the situation.

Woman at bed

1-      First of all your women might be thinking that it’s the duty of yours to turn her on. Your women may be proud of her beautiful looks and simply think that she can attract and turn on your body by her looks. And expect same from you also. Then you should try to attract her most doing the possible things that can make her turn on fast and can result in making you near for better love making.

2-      Adversely to above, your women being beautiful, simply may be is insecure about her body. She may be thinking that you will most probably get turned off if you see all her flaws.

3-      Women are more desirous than men. May be your woman is looking for her own pleasure than yours. She wants something extra from you and wants to get some straight-up love. So you should now work your best to satisfy all her needs so that you can end up in pleasurable love making. In case if you are suffering from problems such as ED you can try out best penis enlargement method for getting the treatment as soon as possible.

4-      Many of the women are really shy when at bed. Judge your women. Try to find out what is making her saying NO. It’s possible that she is feeling shy or is not at all experienced with making love. You have to provide her more experience and need some more time to get it all comfortable during love making and to attain pleasurable love.

5-      Unfortunately but may be true. She doesn’t like to make love with you. May be it is possible that she is engaging with any other partner and making love with him, without your notice and is therefore afraid to tell you. You should then politely converse with her and try to tackle the matter clod minded.

Besides these there may be many other reasons for your woman saying No at bed. May be she is feeling like a caged animal when at bed with you and don’t want to participate with you any further. May be she is experiencing some bad body odour from your body or may be your facial and other body hairs are distracting her. These all should be focused on and should be changed so as to get better love making in future.

You may also get the help online and find tips to attract women. These tips can certainly help you in getting the real love of your women which you deserve.

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