5 reasons why you should build steel framed house

Steel is one of the materials that have been used for a long time. Almost every appliance that you come across has been manufactured using steel. Traditionally most of the houses were constructed using timber. However these houses were subject to the attack that comes from pests like rodents and termites. This has always set apart the houses that were constructed using steel frame. Here are scientific reasons why you should steel framed houses.

steel framed house

  1. You can be able to renovate later

In case there are changes to make to the house later the house will be made in such a way that the interior has the allowance for innovation. This means that you can be able to renovate the house without affecting the interior design. The original building will not be affected by the renovation and will remain steady and stable. This is always not easy to do with the other houses that have been built using timbers.

  1. They are less costly

Steel frame house are cheaper to construct as compared to their timer counterpart. This is because there is only need of small manpower and also the lifting of the frame is easier because of their power integrity. There is also generally less cost that is involved in the transportation of the steel frames because that are light and also many frames can be carried in one trip that timber since their size is large and also heavy.

  1. Esthetic value of the house is better

This house generally better looking than the ones that have be built using timber. One of the reasons is that the steel houses have no nail bumps from the nails have been used.  The roofs also stay steady overtime unlike the timber roofs that sag overtime. The houses also are better ventilated because that allows the circulation of air in the house. The timber houses usually tend to be stuffy. You can also be able to design unique house using the steel frames because they can be shaped to accommodate any design.

  1. Does not affect television or radio reception

This is a misconception that many people have carried about those house. The truth is that the houses that are made using steel do not affect the reception of television and radio signals. This is because the signals can still diffract into the steel framed house just like the timber house.

  1. High quality house

When light gauge steel is not organic as it have been engineered. This means that the frames that are used in the construction of houses are usually quality products that have been checked for quality. The steel frames also have long warranties because of the durability. Some have the durability of over 50years. This means that they house that are framed using steel are quality houses that will there for generations. The steel is also not about to rust when exposed to moisture and sunlight. This is because it cannot be corroded like iron. This is because they are protected by being dipped in zinc-aluminum metallic coating.


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