7 Tips to Make a Woman Desperately Want You for Better Relationship

When men really like a woman, they are willing to do anything to get her to want them. However, men are often ignorant of the fact that they need to build a strong emotional connection with the lady first even before the first feelings of love. This intense bond is essential to start beautiful relationship. And once this deeper emotional bond is formed, other considerations such as height, weight, the way you dress will become less important.

English: A young woman and man embracing while...

English: A young woman and man embracing while outdoors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seven ways to form this deeper bond with a woman you love. These are guaranteed to make her fall desperately in love with you.

1. During the initial days of your courtship, meet the lady in a small group or with a friend or sister. You could meet at a bar or a restaurant; go for a movie or even a song concert. The presence of another friend will make it easy for her to converse and you will get to know each other much more in a safe comfortable ambiance. It is said that women often fall for a man who is with another woman.

2. Make sure you look the lady in her eyes when you speak with her. This indicates to her that you are confident and strong, which is a real turn on for most women.

3. Often a woman likes to pay for herself. So if your lady wants to pay for her drink or go Dutch (split the bill), let her. Do not try to buy her friendship or love. This would give her space and would show her that you respect her independence.

4. People like to talk about what they are interested in. So ask your lady to talk about her hobbies, passions, friends and even her daily activities. Make sure you ask her for her opinion, such as when ordering a meal or deciding which movie to go for. This is sure to endear her towards you.

5. Listen, listen and listen more. Do not talk boastfully at length about yourself. Get her to talk about herself, and try and get to know the real her, her innermost thoughts and feelings. Give her enough time to know you.

6. A big mistake is to talk about your previous girlfriends or love affairs or anything to make love. Keep to neutral topics and be optimistic about your relationship with her.

7. It’s advisable not to make a sexual overture towards her, immediately after establishing an emotional bond with her. She might be willing to sleepover, but could dismiss you as a man who looks for love making from every woman he dates! So to establish a long term love and relationship, remain chaste in the initial part of your relationship.

For some more tips and ideas on how to improve your relationships, you may check out the link here http://www.mommyedition.com/married-romance-how-to-spice-your-marriage-up. These techniques are sure charm and dazzle a woman into wanting you.

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