A Card for All Occasions – Sent Electronically?

Is it possible to design a card that can suit different occasions, and which can be sent electronically? More and more people are making use of eCards as an alternative, or a complement to more traditional paper cards. Sending eCards electronically gives users the freedom to customise designs, and to include animations and personal messages and photographs. When you’re trying to find a card for different occasions, why is sending an eCard a particularly good idea?


In terms of eCards themselves, you have a lot of flexibility over the kinds of designs available; eCards tend to allow you to include your own personal messages, and to upload photographs that can be used to further customise a card. Different formats can also be selected from eCard websites, which can include animations, as well as music and other extra features. Adding in these features usually only slightly increases the cost of eCards, which already have low overheads due to not having postage and packaging fees.

At the same time, if you do want to find a card for multiple occasions, eCards can provide you with more choice of designs than a local card shop; you can also find the same catalogue of cards year-round, giving you an advantage over the physical stock of a card shop. Cards for non-religious people can consequently be more easily found online, in some cases; you can similarly use eCard formats to create a simple card for different occasions – this can include a ‘Congratulations’ message alongside a neutral print or design.

However, you can also create an eCard for more occasions by going further in terms of personalised messages and extra features. Depending on who you’re sending a card to, you’re not tied down to any one design, and can mix up different styles, as well as photographs, music, and video – once you find a design and format that you like, this can be easily adapted for different names, and for new photographs and messages. From occasions like mother’s day, father’s day or a birthday, ecards are great for all.

It is important to remember that eCards offer a particularly high level of flexibility to anyone that’s struggling to find the right card for an occasion – website templates can provide you with a lot of different options for sending a neutral card, or a place to start if you need some inspiration over card design. Many sites will include samples and preview messages where you can go into detail over how your eCard will appear to recipients.

While it’s always going to be difficult to create the perfect card for multiple occasions, you can, at the very least, make things easier on yourself by widening the number of options you have for sending cards. You also have the chance to send mobile eCards that can be varied for friends and family, while also investing time into uploading high quality digital images and videos that can be incorporated into eCard designs.

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