A Documentary About Gothic Children’s Classic: “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”

There are many documentaries which feature subjects of interest to different groups. Likewise, there is an ongoing project to make a documentary about the Alvin Schwartz’s books “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”. The documentary is about the history and context of these books.

The “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” series of books are controversial children literature books. The first book was published in 1981, and there are three books in the series. They formed a huge part in introducing the importance of gothic tales in young boys and girls in the 1980s. These books detail narratives with ghostly illustrations and tell tales in whimsical tone.

scary stories

The documentary about these stories mostly received funds from crowdfunding facilitated through Indiegogo. The progress made in making this documentary is partial and includes interviews with those close to the author. Some of the relatives include the son and wife of Alvin Schwartz.

The lead of this documentary also features in many podcasts detailing what the documentary is about. There is a long list of interviewees who are yet to be interviewed and a number of places need visiting in order to finish on this documentary.

The initial crowd funding helped to facilitate 13 interviews in towns such as New Jersey, Boston and Gary. What is also complete is a filming of locations in Princeton and New Jersey which say something about the author and the books.

The total of the work done only represents one-third of the anticipated documentary. Users can also check-out a trailer that shows how much work is complete so far.

This documentary needs further funding for the remaining interviews and research. The team behind it knows the quantity of work remaining. They have places to visit and this will require more capital input than had originally been planned. The travel budget is higher since there are additional areas to visit, and there are costs associated with licensing footage.

Those who fund this documentary will largely benefit. They will get a copy of the documentary, a mention in it and behind the scenes footage. They will also get a T-shirt and a poster at a small additional cost.

This documentary is likely to be complete in 2016 if the remaining funding comes through as planned. It is an interesting documentary that you can look out for about the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”.

You can support this project and join them at: https://goo.gl/oWIkA1

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