All about Central Hong Kong and its famous district of SoHo

One of the four major parts of Hong Kong is Hong Kong Island and, located on the north shore,is the district known as Central.  It used to be the heart of the city known originally as Victoria but that name is not used any more.  British settlers originally landed in 1841 and a city rapidly grew up, housing major military facilities and the main administrative centres. Other Westerners as well as Chinese people followed and both residential and trading facilities expanded rapidly.

English: Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

English: Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Central, also known as Central District, lies across Victoria Harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon Peninsula and is the central political and business district of the city. Understandably you will find a plethora of multinational financial services corporations in the area. The commercial district is buzzing and you will find many internationally known fashion outlets here along with any kind eating house that you can imagine.  It really is a mecca for shopping and both tourists and locals frequent the Central district in great numbers.  A major draw for anyone wanting an overview of the area is Victoria Peak.  From here you can look down on a fascinating mixture of both new and old architecture, most of which are now well-known landmarks on Hong Kong Island.

Welcome the wonderful world of SoHo…

Within the Central area are many districts and one of the best known is SoHo.  The area actually refers to “south of Hollywood Road” so you can see this was shortened to SoHo.  While much of Hong Kong’s shopping quarters are a riot of glass and steel high-rise edifices housing famous, designer brand names SoHo literally brings you a bit more down to earth.  It is sometimes described as more “boutique” in style but this description does NOT mean cheap!   Just like in the shinier parts of the city you will find well-heeled, cosmopolitan types trawling the antiques shops, art galleriesand fashion boutiques and, as day gives way to night, the best restaurants in Central Hong Kong.

Where can you find a good restaurant in SoHo?

At the end of a hard day’s shopping as SoHo’s vibrant nightlife emerges you will want to know how to find a great restaurant in Central Hong Kong.  Believe me – in this area you are spoiled for choice! All varieties can be found here but there is a good selection of Western style eateries to giving you a rest from rice-based dishes and dim sum.  If you are visiting SoHo and just love a good steak meal you should make a point of stopping by the Blue Butcher Steakhouse.  Easily found at number 108, Hollywood Road, this award-winning New York Style restaurant and bar is a really popular venue and really deserves the title “The Meat Specialist”.

They have enjoyed such accolades as Chef of the Year and won Best Cocktails awards as well.  They specialise in top quality meat that is guaranteed to be sourced and hand-selected from top ranking farms that proudly boast that they never compromise on quality.  This quality is further enhanced when it reaches the restaurant’s walk-in pink salt dry-aging room – the only restaurant in Hong Kong to have one, by the way.  Using modern techniques blended with age-old recipes they hang, age and bake everything in house, guaranteeing the very best quality dishes from kitchen to your plate. It is not hard to see why Blue Butcher is one of the best restaurants central Hong Kong.

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