An Indiegogo Project Dealing With the Subject of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the most horrifying political problems of the modern age. To a large extent, globalization has only made this problem worse, even though no one intended for it to be that way. Human trafficking is also a billion-dollar industry, which is only making the problem worse.

Hidden Tears

This Indiegogo project is a combination of a project that is aimed at spreading awareness about this horrifying problem and a fundraising effort for the charities that are aimed at ending human trafficking:

People will be able to watch a short film on this subject that is going to be partly created by one of the creators of the acclaimed series House of Cards. As such, the people in question are certainly going to know that this is going to be a quality film written by individuals who are capable of creating political stories that are informative as well as darkly entertaining. The actors in the film are largely going to be experienced veterans who will really manage to bring this project to life.

The more money this film makes, the more money anti-human trafficking charities are going to receive. The filmmakers are going to give any additional funding to a number of different charities in an effort to really make a difference, and not just raise awareness about an issue. Raising awareness about a terrible issue is certainly important.

However, this is already something that a lot of people are doing on the Internet, and often to no avail. People who have a lot of compassion but absolutely no power and no money are only going to get so far, regardless of how good their intentions are. It is important to make sure that awareness-raising efforts are going to work. It is also important that the causes are really going to get what they need. This Indiegogo project provides the best of both worlds.

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