An Unofficial List Of Foods You Can Thank The State Of Massachusetts For

You may not realize it, but the state of Massachusetts has brought the nation some incredible dishes over the years. The state is home to some incredible eateries and they’ve been whipping up regional creations for quite some time. We’ll explore some of the most iconic and find out just where they got their start.

The perfect chocolate chip cookie.

The perfect chocolate chip cookie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first food on the list is one that most everyone can name, the classic Boston Crème Pie! This iconic dessert is not actually a pie at all, but a cake. It was created way back in 1856 by Armenian-French chef M. Sanzian at the Parker House Hotel in Boston. The delicious dessert is made up of two layers of sponge cake which are filled with traditionally vanilla flavored custard or pudding. Then, the entire cake is topped with a chocolate glaze. The delightful flavor of the dessert cake has since spread to all variety of other sweets including doughnuts and even coffee creamer.

Another popular dessert treat that originated in Massachusetts is one that usually surprises people: the chocolate chip cookie! Yes, this incredibly popular cookie was invented in 1930 in Whitman, Massachusetts. Ruth Wakefield was the owner of the Toll House Inn, a popular tourist lodge, and one day found her kitchen without baker’s chocolate, a key ingredient in a cookie that she often prepared. In an attempt to find a quick substitute Ruth cut up a semi-sweet chocolate bar and added the pieces to the cookie dough. The chips did not fully melt like baker’s chocolate, and viola, the chocolate chip cookie was born!

A food most people can easily associate with Massachusetts are Boston Baked Beans. While technically invented by Native Americans and simply adopted by Pilgrims, we’ll give this one to Boston for their unique recipe. Bostonians substituted pork fat for bear fat and molasses in place of maple syrup. The city of Boston happened to have a good supply of molasses around because it was also an exporter of rum, which called for molasses as an ingredient. Baked beans were a popular dish with Pilgrims because of their slow cooking process which allowed them to have a hot meal on Sunday, which traditionally was a day without labor, including cooking. Beans could be started on Saturday, and then happily consumed on the following day.

Another exceptionally common food that may come as a surprise to some is the humble cracker! Created all the way back in 1792 in Newburyport, Massachusetts by a man named John Pearson, sailors immediately adopted the food because of its incredible self life. The prevalence of the cracker in today’s society is due in large part to yet another Massachusetts baker, Josiah Bent, who recognized and advertised the food’s incredible potential for snacking.

While it may not come to your mind instantly when you think of culinary innovation, don’t be so quick to brush off Massachusetts as a place of great innovation in the food world. Hopefully your eyes have been opened to some incredible foods, that may seem so commonplace now, but that got their start in the great state of Massachusetts.

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