Apps Every Smart Woman’s Phone Should Have

Apps have arrived and are here to stay. They promise to make your world shrink to the palm of your hand. There are apps for every need and every occasion. Shopping, Cooking, Travel and even Barhopping are no farther than your fingertips. Young or old, every woman should have at least some of these apps in their phones.

apps for women

Circle of 6: The app gives out a call for help by immediately letting the circle of 6 people already available in the app to receive your GPS coordinates. The icons are used to conceal the actions so no one knows what is being done.

Near +Now: Got out of office and suddenly decided to go barhopping but need directions? Best app to get the locations of all the cool joints near you and make a choice.

Fandango: Sudden decisions to treat yourself to a movie can be fulfilled a.s.a.p. by having the details of almost all the movies playing in theatres around you in no time.

Cab4me: Anytime of the day or night, this app uses your GPS coordinates to find the cab companies around you, to call for service.

2Do: For all the myriad little things to do and to keep track of them, this app help you make sense of the chaos and plan accordingly.

There are some hybrid apps that combine a few of the core functions so that instead of using many different best apps for women you need to get just one. One of the best examples is the app called uHot that helps you manage your non-professional activities (read health, shopping, beauty, etc.) and also acts as your personal planner.

If it still doesn’t satisfy use the Apps store in your phone or Google Search to find the best apps for you and run your world through your phone.

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