Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

Lab-grown diamonds can be categorized as a kind of test-tube baby. They are eco friendly and they don’t hurt mother earth in any way like mining dos.

As people are getting knowledgeable about them, there has been a global acceptance of this type of diamond and the best part about them is that they are uniform, yet cost-effective in comparison to original diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Are they real diamonds?

Yes, they are very much real diamonds or you can say even more sophisticated can them.

The only difference lies in the way its being mined from the earth, as unlike real ones they are grown under a monitored lab environment.

However according to Novita Diamonds they are very much identical to mined diamonds in every way and are here to stay.

However, the price of the original diamonds is a little higher. Lab-grown diamonds are fully crystallized carbon.

Consider it like making ice on your modern-day freezers like getting one from an iceberg or glacier.

Both are frozen water irrespective of their origin. So, here you are crystalizing carbon to diamonds, cut, polished, graded. All the steps are the same as the mined diamonds.

Advantages of lab-grown diamonds

  1. Eco-friendly: When a carat of a diamond is mined usually 100 sq. ft. of land gets disturbed and 6000lbs of wastage is done.
  2. Ethically feasible: Mined diamonds may cause 1 injury in 1000 workers yearly, while there are no such chances in lab-grown diamonds.
  3. Competitively priced: No, lab-grown diamonds aren’t cheap but because of the shorter supply chains, they are 20-30% less costly than the original diamonds.

The mined diamond industry has been in close scrutiny for its unethical production procedures.

Hence, a lot of people are taking steps and accepting lab-grown diamonds. However, even natural diamonds are conflict-free now.

But lab-grown diamond offers you a peace of mind which natural diamond cannot and also you would be well aware of the origin of your diamond.

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