Are Uggs the new Marmite? (Love them or hate them)

The world can be divided into those that love Uggs or those that hate them. Anyone who says they do not have an opinion just doesn’t know what they are yet. When they do, they will fall into either camp. It’s just not possible to remain non-committal about these boots. They even have their own ‘I hate Uggs’ Facebook page.

English: Super Ugg Boots

English: Super Ugg Boots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What are they?

Ugg boots are flat soled, sheepskin boots which are typically ankle length. The lining is of sheep’s fleece and the outer the tanned sheep’s hide. They have actually been around since the 1930s when Australian sheep farmers used them to keep their feet warm in the winter. By the 1960s Australian surfers were using them to warm up after surfing. For a long while they stayed firmly in Australia and gained a reputation for being ‘dag’, Australian slang for unhip, uncool but comfortably so.

You are daggy if you are scruffy and happy with your style, or lack of it. Tellingly, the English language does not have an equivalent; perhaps because the idea of anyone being content to lack style is unthinkable, at least as far as the British media is concerned. Deemed to be rather ugly, the boots were nicknamed Ugg boots and for a long time ugg remained a generic term for a sheepskin boot.

Ugly boots

How did the ‘dag’ ugly Ugg boot become so desirable then that the manufacturers, ‘UGG Australia’ are able to charge £150 for their classic boot? The answer to this is two-fold: great marketing but also a great product. Ugg boots are really, really comfortable. You might not fall in love with their looks at first sight but you will adore their comfort should you slip on a pair. Having fallen for the feel of them, it is an easy step to grow to love their look. Easy to wear, Ugg boots UK here look great with a pair of skinny jeans.

The great marketing began in 1995 when Deckers Outdoor Corporation bought the brand from an Australian surfer who had been selling the boot in California since the1970s. Deckers sold summer sandals at the time and were looking for something that would sell well during the winter so that they could keep their work force on. Clever marketing, a great product and sheer good fortune means that the boot is now worth $800 million a year in sales.

During the mid noughties, Paris Hilton and Oprah Winfrey were both great advocates of the brand, greatly increasing its fan base. As with all successes there was the inevitable backlash and many said that the Ugg was destined to date quickly and would be out of fashion before the end of the year. But 2010 passed, then 2011, 20012 and now 2013 and the Ugg boot is still as popular and, for many, as desirable as ever. People are still discovering them for the first time, or converting from haters to lovers having tried on a pair or updating their wardrobe and buying their second, third or even fourth pair. The much predicted down turn for the Ugg boot has not happened. It seems that love them or hate them, Ugg boots are here to stay.

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