Beaming Light And Smiles Throughout The Children’s Bedroom

It can be one of the most important spaces in their world, the room in which they wake to start each brand new exciting day. Your child’s bedroom deserves the best lighting to make it a happy place. Let our range of lights for children brighten up their world.

After you have designed the dream retreat for your little ones, their own unique space decorated in their tastes, you need a complimentary light fitting to complete the ambience and make them smile. Whatever they use their space for, whether it is the zone for play, study or sleep, the right lighting arrangement can create the perfect finishing touch. From cosy nurseries for sleepy or wakeful babies up to the older child’s hive of activity and creation, lights come in a diverse variety of fun and friendly characters or designs, to suit any design theme and colour scheme. Many lights come in complimentary sets, with matching ceiling, wall and/or free-standing lamps.

Children's Bedroom

Ceiling Lights

Often the main light feature in the room, there are childrens lights for the ceiling which will cast an exciting beam of joy over everything they do. Depending on the building’s ceiling height and the available head room space, you can select a lower hanging pendant light or a flush fitted light and all come with a range of designs to match the chosen size and style of the light fixture.

Wall Lights

As with ceiling lights, we recommend that you first decide the desired amount of protrusion into the room and whether you require your childrens lights to be fitted flush with the wall or prefer to choose one which reaches out into the space. Some manufacturers also supply wall lights which can be controlled with the use of a pull cord attached to the fixture, although most are wired up to the standard control mechanism via a main light switch.

Free-standing Lamps

To ensure every corner of darkness can be eliminated as necessary, free-standing desk lamps are available and these can be moved around easily to cast a warm glow in the tiniest of spaces. Several products have a flexible head attachment which can be angled to direct the light towards wherever it is needed, whether it is to be a low glow to aid an unsettled sleeper or a brighter light to enable a bit of bedtime reading. Specialist nightlights are ideal for those rooms in which darkness needs chasing away.

Looking through the large selection of childrens lights we are sure you will find some to meet all your lighting needs for those special rooms in the family home and in a style to match your interior design. If you would like further advice about which type of product best suits your requirements or discuss any other aspect of our lighting please contact our customer service team. We can’t wait to brighten up your child’s bedroom and bring a smile to their face.


Andrea Gerrard is a writer for a wide variety of websites and blogs and has decorated several bedrooms for special little people. She sources most of the information from the official product and service providers for accuracy of content. For further information about this supplier, click on this page to know more.

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