Benefits of health insurance to make it the coverage everyone needs

Health insurance is definitely the coverage everyone needs. With the advancement of technology in the medical world, the cost of treatment is increasing day by day. For a common flu and other ailments as well, the cost has increased, then think about what will happen when some serious illness will knock on your door unexpectedly. Apart from that, with a health insurance at hand, you will not ignore your health problems for long and in turn be more regular health checkups.

Health insurance protects you from heavy medical bills and other expenses involved. But it is also true that there are a lot of misconceptions people have regarding these insurances and this is why we are a bit hesitant in getting these for ourselves. Most of us believe that according to health insurance policy, only the expenses of hospitalization will be paid. But this is actually not the case. There are a lot of other associated expenses as well that are covered under health insurance.

Benefits of health insurance

What all does a health insurance cover

So, let’s discuss these benefits of health insurance in detail.

  1. Cost of hospitalization – as discussed, the cost of hospitalization is coveredunder all health insurance policies. But what about the associated costs? While going for health policies you have an option of daily hospital cash allowance that covers all associated costs of hospitalization including commuting, food bills etc. most of the time, a certain amount is fixed that will be provided without any need for bills.
  2. Recovery expenses – there are certain health insurance policies that take care of recovery expenses as well. If your stay in hospital gets prolonged recovery expenses come in handy. The idea behind is that it covers the income that the convalescent is loosing due to his/her stay in the hospital.
  3. Non allopathic treatment coverage – with most of us getting oriented to alternate methods of treatment, there are certain health insurances that cover these non allopathic treatments as well. They are also known as an alternative treatment and includes, homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda etc. if your treatment is taking place at a government approved institute of alternative treatment, you are eligible for insurance coverage.
  4. Treatment at home – most insurance policies cover hospital treatment only. But with increasing competition among various insurance agencies, the treatment that takes place at home is also covered in health insurance coverage. You will be required to show the bills and prescription from the doctor in order to get benefit from such health insurance. Although the amount redeemable is value based and is dependent on the policy of the coverage firm.
  5. Insurance in case of organ donation – in case of organ donation, the cost of donor also gets added to the medical bill of the person getting treatment. This is why, organ donor health insurance is provided to cover the cost.

Apart from the above 5, there are also attendant allowance and insurance for critical illness that can be availed. As you can see, there is nothing that is not covered by health insurance these days. All you need to do is to choose the best health insurance coverage for yourself that suits your needs and provide you the best coverage possible so that any accidental illness does not become a strain to your pocket. With a health insurance to cover your expenses, you can have your peace of mind and financial security. There are chances that since you are sure that all your expenses will be covered by your health insurance, you will not need it as you can avoid stress related troubles medically with this. Enjoy a better health and save on your hard earned money as well with health insurance.

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