Best Cosmetics and Top Makeup Ideas for You

Make up is a thing which makes you up for the things. It just gives you a good outlook. This is not a bad thing. One should definitely know how to make up himself that would improve his physical appearance. Simultaneously it should also not cause any reactions to the skin. Women use most of the make up things than the men.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most of them would always be wondering which make up is the best? There is no such make up which is best always. As the trend and occasion changes the makeup would also change. There are certain best and top makeup tips available which you can easily follow.

The first and the foremost thing in the makeup procedure is that you  have to select the perfect and the right variety of foundations which suits best for your skin texture to create the base coating.

The foundation should match with the skin over the neck and the face. Hence try the foundation trial directly over the face or neck but not over the arms or hands.

Try to apply light face moisturizer before using the foundation coat in case of dry skin. In case of oily skin type use powder foundation to reduce the shine.

The next thing what you have to do is selecting the best and different hue according to the climatic condition and season. Try to avoid using the same shade of hue throughout the year.

Before starting with the lip cosmetics, moisture the lips with the available petroleum jelly or lip balms. Then use the lip liner which best suits your skin color as well as your costume. In case of thin lips use the liner outside the natural lip margin. Then evenly apply the best quality lipstick. Mostly avoid orange and coral type lipsticks instead you can select pink, plum colored or red colored lipsticks. Followed by the lipstick you can go for lip gloss for the final touch ups.

Use the best cosmetics for makeups like fine brushes of different shapes and varieties according to the body area for makeup, clear and good quality mirrors, clean linens for wiping, etc.

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