How to Select the Best Oval Cut Diamonds?

Diamonds are considered to be very precious. They bring about a real charm upon being worn.

No matter whether you desire gifting the diamond ring to your partner or want to buy a best quality for her on the engagement day, you should be choosing the diamond that is best quality and expensive.

Among many, the oval cut is a customized brilliant cut and has the similar facet number as a round brilliant. (i.e. 58 facets).

It brings fire and sparkle to the stone. The oval shape elongates the fingers makes them look sleeker and long.

The ring of oval cut diamonds look stunning on any hand in different settings and styles. It is the most preferred cut amongst women and is considered as a unique alternative to round cut diamonds.

It is appealing and suits perfectly for engagement rings, drop earrings and pendants.

There are several benefits of going for oval cut diamonds but finding the right piece could be difficult. It needs high cutting abilities to get the right symmetry and sparkle of the cut and polished diamond.

Here are some tips to consider when buying oval cut diamonds.

Go for length to width ratio

The length to width ratio affects the shape of your diamond piece making it broad and narrow accordingly. The shape you opt for depends on your choice and preference.

The basic length to width ration is 1.40 to 1.50. Narrow cut is good for pendants and drop earrings while traditional cut is preferred as centerpiece for rings.

Be alert of the bow-tie

It is one of the cons of oval cut. A bow tie is the darkened area taking the shape of bow and tie which reflects across the center of the diamond when seen from different angles. It happens because of ill cutting or misaligned facets.

Choose your color grade

Oval cut diamonds can hide colors wells because of their facet patterns. If money isn’t an issue, then colorless grades are regarded as the right choice. They also give you more fire and sparkle.

Choose the right style and setting

Because oval shape doesn’t have pointed edges, they are not vulnerable in comparison to the other cuts.

For the right look, you should select a prong setting to allow highest amount of light reflection.  The higher the number of prongs the better the shape is and greater is its security.

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