Best Things to Do in Marrakech

Tripping to Morocco can be fun with varied options, that you might find yourself running out of time trying to accommodate all your wishes. From street shopping to trekking in desert to pampering yourself with spa and other treatment, Morocco has got a lot to offer you. But the importance lies in identifying what works best for you and trying to plan your journey in a smarter way so your do not miss fun while visiting Marrakech.

Mentioned below are few important places or activities that are a must try and the best things to do in Marrakech:

Shopping in Djamma El Fna: Now, this is the largest shopping center in Morocco and a must visit in your itinerary. It has a huge collection of exotic spices and leatherworks that are rare and free of duplicity. There are also belly dancers standing all the way on streets to entertain you. You also get to buy exotic spices and delicacies along with coffee shops that offer you with mouthwatering dishes.

Ride on Horse Drawn Carriage: The best way to explore Marrakech is by riding on a horse. Do not attempt any other kind of transport, just take a horse for rent and try to explore going around the city in an old fashioned manner.

Try Cooking Class: Now this might sound a little weird. But, you can include Moroccan cooking classes in your itinerary. Morocco boasts of its local cuisine and has fabulous food that is delicious and enjoyable at the same time. Try to pick up some of these fantastic cuisine recipes and then try them back in your home town. There are hotels that allow its residents with cooking classes.

Stay in a Riad: The first question that comes to your mind when you hear the word Riad, is to understand what could it be? Do not panic, Riad is a traditional Moroccan style home. Riad dates back to almost hundreds of years and is popular even in these days. There are various hotels, restaurants and shops that have taken up the initiative to restore deteriorating Riad to keep pace with history. Staying in a Riad at least for a night while in Riad is a great way of experiencing Moroccan lifestyle.  This way you can enjoy culture and significance in a simpler way while also staying to its roots.

Pamper yourself with a traditional North African Spa: This is the best gift you could give yourself while on your Private Marrakech Tours. Morocco is not only famous for its local delicacy or cuisine; it also has some of the traditional style of body massages. It helps in pampering yourself while letting your relax completely after your tiring journey of exploring the city.

Enjoy a traditional Moroccan body massage, but make sure this is the last item in your itinerary. Book yourself into a Hammam that is a traditional method of cleansing your body inside out. After the massage session, you will feel your skin soft and rejuvenating while also restoring its lost glow.

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