Best US Super Bowl Commercials 2013

Here we go again. The mega event is back. We waited all year round for this one show and it has returned. Probably one of the greatest shows on earth, the Superbowl is here. With hundreds of advertisements and commercials being lined up in advance, millions of dollars are being spent to publicize the Superbowl. Here is a list of the best 60 seconds Super Bowl Commercials 2013.

super bowl

super bowl (Photo credit: sinosplice)

Bud light in the Spotlight

Budlight has been a regular advertiser for the super bowl commercials. The crewing company will be having a pair of two 60 second ads. Each of them would be called the ‘Journey’ and the ‘Lucky Chair’. The bud light super bowl commercial 2013 has bought amazing response with almost 14 million cases of buds being sold last year.

Balking on that success, they are coming back this year again. According to media sources more than 90% of super bowl ad slots have been sold out. According to statistics, the 30 second ads are going to record a $3.8 million in revenue with another 60 slots to be sold for about $225 million.

Some other Super Bowl Ads

Few other companies taking part in the 60 second commercials for the super bowl commercials 2013 are Taco Bell with a 60 second slot commercial, Best Buy with a 30 second ad slot, ‘the walking dead’ commercial by the Time Warner Cable, Audi with a 60 second commercial, Ford with a 60 second commercial showing the re-launch of their new car called the ‘Lincoln’, Our very best ‘Coke’, ‘feels the axe effect’ comes back.

There are some interesting inclusions of new movie releases to be aired during the Superbowl 2013 commercial break. Other advertisers include ‘KateUpton’ doing a standup commercial for Mercedes Benz, Volkswagon, Doritos, Kia, Budweiser, Chrysler, Toyota and much more.

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