Born in the USA – 20 of the best men’s brands from across the pond

When you’re looking for brands to complete your wardrobe this summer, what are some of the best options that you can choose from in terms of US labels? Men’s brands from the United States can include everything from classic American fashion labels like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, through to more boutique t-shirt companies and sneaker companies.

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Some of the top twenty brands to look out for online in 2013 include:

Creative Recreation

This Californian based brand has developed a strong reputation for its footwear, with high tops and canvas shoes being particularly popular options.

Franklin & Marshall

Ideal for street wear, Franklin & Marshall also produces varsity-styled items, as well as baseball vests, track suits, and great printed t-shirts.


Distinguished by their hard wearing shoes and boots, Timberland are based in New Hampshire, and have been one of the most reliable American footwear brands for some time.

Billionaire Boys Club

Founded by hip hop artist Pharrell Williams, Billionaire Boys Club produces street wear, as well as high quality polos, and designs inspired by Japanese fashion.

J.    Crew

Smart casual styles with discreet branding are the order of the day from J. Crew, which is excellent for everyday wear.


This California based label produces high quality printed t-shirts, as well as a wide range of other items, and has been consistently popular over the past few years.


Primarily focused on chinos, Dickies have been around as a clothing label for a long time, but have recently found more success as the result of the craze for the brightly coloured trousers.

Band of Outsiders

An ultra hip brand, Band of Outsiders make men’s polos, t-shirts, jackets, and many other items, and have celebrity endorsements from Frank Ocean and other musicians.

Threads for Thought

An ethical brand with a strong commitment to avoiding sweatshop practices, Threads for Thought make printed t-shirts, zip hoodies, pullovers and other items for men and women.

American Apparel

Known for their affordable casualwear, American Apparel make everything from distinctive graphic tees to hoodies and denim items.

Ralph Lauren

Formerly a luxury brand, now a high quality purveyor of polo shirts, hooded jumpers and other collections (although for many people, Ralph Lauren are still all about the polo shirts).


A label that’s dedicated to classic sneakers and high-tops, Converse also make t-shirts, shorts, and hoodies.

True Religion

This brand is associated with high quality jeans, as well as with denim shirts, cut off shorts, and cargo trousers.

Brooklyn Motors

A brand that’s been around for a long time in New York, Brooklyn Motors focus on authentic graphic t-shirts.

Lord Baltimore

A label distinguished by their high quality graphic t-shirts, Lord Baltimore also make hoodies and hats.

Thom Browne

More of a high fashion brand than others on this list, the New York based Thom Browne produce bespoke men’s clothing and accessories, as well as ready to wear collections.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Another well established American brand with a strong reputation around the world, Abercrombie & Fitch primarily make prep influenced clothes, which include chinos, shorts, sweaters, and polo shirts.

American Eagle

A brand that’s growing in popularity outside the United States, American Eagle make check shirts, printed tees, board shorts and beach wear.

Tommy Hilfiger

Long associated with American prep and widely available casual wear, Tommy Hilfiger’s styles at the moment cover surfing and smart casual looks.


Like Converse, Vans are a brand that are hard to beat in terms of the quality of their footwear, and have a particularly strong connection to skater culture.

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