Bridal Shower Invitation Cards and Ideas

The bridal shower is a very important pre wedding event hosted for the bride to be with her family and friends. It is custom normally followed by the people of the west but is also gaining a lot in popularity in the Asian countries also. It can also be termed as a gift giving party where the bride is showered with gifts.

bridal shower invitation cards

Proper care should be taken while making invitations and cards for the Bridal shower. As it is a very important event in the life of the girl to be married, it should be kept in mind that no one is disheartened. Usually the maid of honor takes control of the whole situation at her own expense.

Bridal shower invitation cards are of much importance as much as wedding cards. And for this reason these wedding cards (or kad perkahwinan in Malaya) and bridal shower cards are now available in various types and styles.

The bridal card invitation and cards are sent beforehand to make sure that all can make their presence on this auspicious occasion. The invitees should precisely be females and comprises of family, friends and even members of the groom’s family. The venue for the Bridal shower normally is selected to be the bride’s house but it is not mandatory.

Most of the bridal shower invitation ideas nowadays are theme oriented where all the invitees have to wear a specific colored dress which has to be stated while giving out the invitation cards. It is also to be noted that the specific time has to be mentioned clearly regarding this event. The games to be played during a bridal shower must be kept as a secret.

There are many customary games which are played during this occasion but one can also invent their own types just to surprise everyone as they may not be ready for it. Each and every member has to introduce herself to the others during this event so that nobody feels left out.

A bridal shower invitation idea should be hosted in such a way that it becomes one of the most happy and important event in the life of the, to be bride. Good food, exciting games with soft background music are the main keywords to make a Bridal Shower successful.

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