The Best Budgeted Laptops for Work and Fun

Laptops were once regarded as an expensive item but since the work nowadays has become so competitive that people cannot stay away with it.

Even while they are moving around they carry their work with them, hence the need for laptops is all the more necessary.

There are various aspects of using a laptop and they never pose any hindrance to the work as it runs on battery, so power cuts don’t matter too much and the amount of hard disk space is similar to that of a PC.

They can also be used to stay connected with their office constantly with wireless internet.

Best Laptops

Gateway NE56R34u – a low-cost laptop with the latest features

There are many laptops in the markets and everyday new and cheap models are being introduced which ranges under $400.

People nowadays prefer laptops over PC as it occupies less space with no wires attached.

There are some of the best laptops available, of which the Gateway NE56R34u is regarded as one of the top most.

It is a notebook with a screen size of 15.6” and packed with 4 GB Memory.

The storage space is quite astounding taking into the fact that a laptop as small as this can hold 500 GB of hard disk space.

The other feature includes the latest Windows 8 64 bit operating system and a high definition DVD drive. The price of this model ranges around $320 and is marketed with a lot of other accessories.

ASUS F55A-AH91-work cannot stop

The ASUS F55A-AH91 is another model of a laptop belonging to the same category of class and style. It also has a 15.6 screen size and is most suitable for those who require uninterrupted work.

The speed of this laptop is stupendous and comes up with windows 8 operating system. It has a hard disk space of 320 GB with a memory card of 4 GB.

Also, the battery performance of the laptop is superb so that you can enjoy working/gaming on it for long.

The price of this laptop hovers around $380 to $399. One can also book them online and get the advantage of free shipping facilities.

Acer Aspire AS5250-0639-astounding features

The Acer Aspire AS5250-0639 is getting more into popularity because of the low cost it is being sold at present. It is comparably one of the best models as it offers 500 GB of hard disk space with 4 GB memory card.

Hence storing large files and photos is not a problem. It is loaded with Windows 7 and has many exciting features for the user.

It is also one of those laptops that are preloaded with Microsoft office so the user doesn’t have to run around searching for the original CD.

The warranty period is for one year and that makes it all the more salable and popular among the people who want to buy the best-budgeted laptops.

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