Building your dogs immune system with good quality food

The dog’s immune system is an interconnected mesh of organs, tissues, cells and hormones specializing in a dedicated function. Immunity falls in two categories for dogs. The inherent capability of the body to ward off onset of diseases is called innate immunity whereas acquired immunity signifies the ability of the immune system to adapt as the pathogens make their way into the body via exposure, ailment or vaccines.

Dogs food
Infections on dog’s skin, parasitic infection that keep resurfacing and the transformation of mild illness into major health concern are symptoms that indicate the falling standards of dog’s immune system. The above symptoms are indicative of a weakened immune system in dogs that need to be reinforced through proper dog food and other methods.

Ways to enhance immunity of your dog

A well balanced diet is the stepping stone to fortify the dog’s immune system. Dog food prepared scientifically can be obtained online through production of food coupons like Wellness dog food coupons. A high quality diet commingling the essential nutrients obtained directly from online shops or from brick and mortar shop is well worth the effort for lifelong benefits. A healthy digestive system is ensured by keeping the intestinal tract free of allergic or digestive disorders. This will enable proper processing and absorption of nutrients by gastrointestinal tract.

Essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes are major contributors of healthy digestive tract. Regular exercises aids in building up a formidable immune system. Weight control too plays a vital role as gaining more weight by dogs will signal susceptibility to acute and chronic ailments and infections. A premium quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement should be provided to dogs daily. Proper intake of antioxidants like Vitamins A, C and E is to be ensured.

These antioxidants prevent chemical oxidation and obliterate free radicals that are reactive in nature and gets cells damaged. Damaged cells make the body vulnerable to degenerative diseases like cancer. Vitamin A creates white blood cells that kill viruses and harmful bacteria whereas Vitamin E is extremely assistive in preventing oxidation in fatty tissues.

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