Buying and Storing Meat

Meat is often the hero of a meal. So it is worth ensuring you are getting the best cut you can afford. Here are a few tips to help you get the best cut for your buck.


To ensure you get good quality, buy meat only from licensed butchers or from a supermarket known for its higher than average standards. Do keep in mind the following when buying meat:

✦     Look out for the quality control label on packages. This label denotes that the meat has gone through a number of safe processing stages and includes cooking and handling tips.

✦     Ensure that the meat is wrapped tightly and when touched, it should be very cold.

✦     Pick the meat last and ask the supermarket personnel to bag it separately from your other groceries.

✦     Do check “use by” dates. Meat may appear to be the same after this date, but it is preferable to eat it within the prescribed time.

✦     It is better to avoid discolored meat, which appears slimy and has an off-putting odor.

Storing meats

Meat needs to be properly stored, otherwise it will spoil putting you and your family at risk (and obviously ruining your dinner plans!). The following tips should be kept in mind while storing any kind of meat:

✦     Always keep meat in coldest area of refrigerator, or in the meat bin, if your refrigerator has it.

✦     Try to consume fresh meat kept in refrigerator within four days of buying.

✦     Do discard sausages, organ meat and ground meat after a period of two days.

✦     Eat cooked meat or freeze it within a span of three days.


Meat should not be refrozen once it is defrosted. Raw foods that are frozen should only be defrosted once and NOT refrozen again.

If you are not sure how much meat you will need for a meal, consider splitting the raw meat into portions before freezing for the first time. Then you can defrost the amount of meat your need rather than defrosting a large cut and struggling to use it over several days.

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