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Paintball is basically a fun filled sports activity where the participants compete each other in groups or individually. The main objective of the paintball sports is to eliminate the opposite team or the opposite person from the game by tagging them with the capsules filled with water soluble dye or paint which is covered with gelatine shell externally.

Paintball game

These paint filled capsules are called as paint balls. The paintballs are propelled out from a specific device which is called as paintball marker or paintball guns. The paintballs are made of non-toxic, water soluble polymer which is biodegradable in nature. That so the paintball sport is liked and played by so many people of various age groups without any fear.

The paintball game is regularly played as a high level sports activity. A certain group of people from different area or different society joint together and organize the paintball sports meet on a regular basis. The paintball sports are normally played in outdoor fields where the general public strength is less. It is also used to play as an indoor game but it needs a good hard surface area with wide circumference.

At times the paintball sports are played as league games also where trophies and prizes are issued to the winners and runners. The rules and regulations of the paintball sports are fixed by the sports organizers and judges or referee will be fixed officially for watching the sports activities.

For the paintball sports different types of guns and capsules are available in the market. There are so many companies available for supplying such paintball guns and capsules. The most popular company which supplies different models and shapes of guns and paintballs at reasonable price with high quality is BZ Paintball. They are selling the paintball sports goods via online route also.


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