Caring Tips While Bathing and Massaging Your Baby

The new mothers find it tough to keep their infants happy all the time. To take good care of your baby you can take advice from parents or nannies who have such experiences before. Most of the new moms often fear about dropping their babies or may perhaps hurting them. To avoid all this it is good to make sure to retain your hand under the neck nation to give support, as baby’s necks are not strengthened till 3 months.

bathing and massaging baby

bathing and massaging baby

Especially at the times of bathing the baby it is very essential that you handle them with proper care. Handling the baby with extreme care whilst giving the bath is important as they can slip down on the floor if proper care is not provided.

The baby skin is so soft that it requires refurbishment every day. Give a warm water bath in an infant tub or a sponge bath whichever suits you well. Cleanse the delicate areas with soft baby soap or using a high quality organic baby shampoo. Take in very good care in cleaning the diaper area since it remains covered all the time and is in touch with toxic waste products in the body.

After bathing oil massage is very ideal for smaller babies. Warm the child oil and apply on their limbs and human body and gently massage the tender legs and arms. This gives them a lot of comfort and helps them sleep well.

Exercises like folding the legs at the knees and hands at the elbow regions by keeping the infant lying on its back. It gives strength to muscles and assists in muscle co-ordination. Doctors in Malaysia suggests that effective massage and exercising strengthens the bond between mother and baby. And thus it should be done with all the care so that your baby feel happy and healthy all the time.

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