Purple.com: Match Guests with Hosts for Warmhearted Dinner

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Tossocial – A Social networking site with a personality

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Van Gogh for a day!

Jarrett Bywaters is an artist who has started a Kickstarter.com campaign to raise funds to write a book about his life as a troubled struggling artist. He is looking to raise $10,000 ... Continue Reading →

A one of a kind new horror film!

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An album that was a long time coming!

Hip Hop artist Rocc Replay has been working on an album for 3 years now. The up-and-coming artist has struggled to bring all the elements together to get this album made. In an effort ... Continue Reading →

A Good Opportunity To Read YA Novel

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Soccer Scores: Enjoy the Excitement Anywhere and At Anytime

We should prioritize the work, we do each day. There are some works which we are forced to carry out and there are some works which we want to accomplish. As we are restricted with ... Continue Reading →