Choose Right Foundation Type for Your Acne Prone Skin

Every one of us desires to have a beautiful and glowing skin. But few of us are luckily having it. One of the commonest skin problems are acne and the spots that acne leaves on the skin. Even the most self confident person loses the confidence because of this problem. There are many treatments for acne and still due to one or other reasons it recurs again and again.

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Make-ups are also very difficult for an acne prone skin. Every product should be carefully selected and used. The common thing which is used in daily make over is the foundation cream. Many one have a doubt whether to use foundation creams or not and many do not know how properly to select and use it.

Do not just get confused with Acne cosmetics because a cosmetic doesn’t mean only the makeup products. Try to get the foundation creams which are labeled oil free and non comedogenic. Because most of the acne prone skin is oily and hence oil free creams are greatly recommended.

More people are today getting interested in buying natural and completely organic makeup products. These powder based mineral makeup products are beneficial for your skin as it does not show any side effects or chemical reaction. The various advantages offered by these organic makeup products include:

  • 100% natural and pure
  • covers long area and are easy to apply
  • dry makeup with pure organic loose minerals
  • oil free, preservative free and does not contain any harsh chemicals

It is not recommended to buy scented products. Because the scented products mainly contain an ingredient called lanolin which penetrates the skin deeply and it is not advised for acne prone skin. Generally liquid foundations are best choice for the acne prone skin. This is because liquid foundations are easily absorbed into the skin and keep it healthy.

The problem would be for a person whose skin is dry and are also has acne formations. This is a rare skin type combination because acne generally occurs in oily skin and it is easy for them to get a liquid foundation which keeps their skin hydrated and toned. In this case it is better to go for a honey based foundation which suits both dry skin and acne prone skin.

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