Choose the Best when it comes to Purchasing Da Vinci Vaporizer

Are you tired of using your boring and simple vaporizer? Are you looking for something that will enhance your vaping experience? If yes, then why not try the new and improved Da Vinci vaporizer. It will surely not disappoint you.

Da Vinci Vaporizer Why Choose Da Vinci Vaporizer over its Counterparts

Like any other first time buyer, this is the first question that will come to your mind. There is nothing wrong with this. You really need to be convinced about the features and benefits of the vaporizer, before you actually purchase it.

Let us look into what makes this vaporizer unique and better from that of its counterparts:

  • It comes with different colors and styles
  • It has an OLED display screen that captures the current temperature along with the battery life
  • Comes with two lithium ion batteries that are easily rechargeable
  • Two power buttons
  • Two oil cans that can easily vaporize your favorite oils and herbs
  • Stealth storage facility that can hold up to three times its actual size
  • Discreet design
  • The vapor path and mouth piece is made of glass

This kit also consists of accessories such as Da Vinci vaporizer, carrying case, extra glass stem, stirring tool and mouthpiece and a battery charger.

Difference between the First Generation and Second Generation Vaporizer

When you go through the Da Vinci vaporizer review, you might come across many users talking about how this is a better version than the first generation vaporizer that was introduced in the market.

Seeing this, you will definitely be curious to know the difference between the two. Well, some of them are listed below:

  • The first model did not have any interlocking latch, the second model has an interlocking latch
  • The control buttons on the first model were not durable than the second model
  • The first generation vaporizer did not come with detailed instruction guide as it was simple
  • The second generation comes with detailed instructions on how to use the additional features
  • The first version did not come with serial numbers
  • The second version comes with serial numbers
  • This helps to keep track of the vaporizer batches for quality control purposes

Cleaning the Da Vinci Vaporizer

The Da Vinci Vaporizer is very easy to clean. This vaporizer consists of three small screens. You first need to wait for your vaporizer to cool down and empty all the botanicals in it. The cleaning brush that comes with this product can be used to brush away the dried concentrates.

The inside of the heating chambers can be cleaned with a cotton bud dipped in a cleaning solution or alcohol. The oil canisters and the three small screens can be cleaned by any organic cleanser or by rubbing alcohol on them. Then you can rinse them off with warm water.

The Flexi straws can be cleaned with warm water and a pipe cleaner. This will help you to improve your vapor quality and make it easier for you to draw the vapor.


The Da Vinci vaporizer is definitely the ideal product for users, who vape regularly. These are easily available in many of the online stores at affordable rates.

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Richard Aiken has written many informative posts related to lifestyle and men. He has also written an extensive Da Vinci vaporizer review on their website. It will surely help you in making the right choices while buying the vaporizers.

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