Choose To Cuddle Small Dog Breeds

If you are a fan of Tintin, then it is quite natural that you must have fall in love with the Snowy for numerous times. And, while reading that story, you also thought about of getting a white terrier. There is no doubt about that Small Dog Breeds make an ideal companion and a perfect pet to carry at your drawing rooms. They are generally lovable and pleasant in nature. It is often seen that they become the best companion for their owners.

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friendly and lovable

Small Dog Breeds are much active than other species.Manyveterinary doctors stated that these dogs are very active and agile when they are young. These kinds of species love to cuddle with potatoes, or snuggled on the beds.

These dogs come at a very low rate. These species require very little amount of food, and it is quite understandable that it won’t hamper your grocery bills. If you are travelling, then you can carry these species with the minimum of effort. Most enticing part is that they are very much children friendly.

Get the best one

A small dog breed weighs around less than 22 lbs. The height of these dogs is not more than 16 inches. These kinds of dogs are almost maintenance free. Apart from occasional brushing, these kinds of dogs don’tneed any sort of special attention. There are two kinds of dogs –dogs with furry hair and without any hair.

Breed like Welsh corgi is a classic example this species. The Queen Elizabeth II of England had a corgi for a particular period of time. Barring Corgi, Toy Poodle, Pembroke shire, Pug are the example of this breed. However, Fox terrier can be become yappy at times. In order to handle them, you may need to send them to an obedience school. However, most dog of this breed doesn’t need any kind fussy training.

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