Choose Your Favorite Friendship Bracelet Patterns

A friend is one of the major relations in our life next to the parents and god. Having a good and true friend is like having the god nearby with us. We are celebrating the friendship day yearly once. But celebrating the friendship day yearly once will not be sufficient and it should be celebrated at every moment of our life.

Original caption: Ne ties a friendship bracele...

Original caption: Ne ties a friendship bracelet on me, Sapa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The immediate gift or heartily complement which everyone will get in their mind when thinking about the friendship is the friendship band or friendship bracelet. Yes! The friendship bracelet is one of the memorable gifts which everyone likes to give their best friend.

The friendship bracelet became much popular during the 1970’s and there onwards it became one of the important items in the friendship day or for celebrating the friendship at any occasion. The friendship bracelet is very easy to make by yourselves. Normally these bracelets are home made by the hands within few minutes.

No need of any hi-tech machinery to make these simple and attractive bracelets. The friendship bracelets are available in various patterns and various designs. Some of the common friendship bracelet patterns which most of the bracelet producers use are as follows:

  • Angel pattern
  • Alpha pattern
  • Broken ladder pattern
  • Candy stripes pattern
  • Christmas tree pattern
  • Chinese staircase pattern
  • Diamond pattern
  • Easter egg pattern
  • Flip flop pattern
  • Hearts pattern
  • Knitted pattern
  • Pumpkin pattern
  • Egyptian pattern
  • Rag gug pattern
  • Zig zag pattern
  • Swirl pattern
  • Wrap pattern

Learning how to make the friendship bracelets patterns is also much easier for which you can make use of the internet facility to explore more and more information regarding how to make your own designs of friendship bands so that you can gift it to your own beloved friends instantly.

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