Choosing Appropriate Salon Clothing

If you’re in the business of looking good, it makes sense to have a uniform that is not only functional, but stylish. Just because salon work can often be messy, doesn’t mean salon employees should be lumbered with outfits that are bulky, uncomfortable or unattractive. After all, you can hardly sell ‘beauty’ in itchy pants and an oversized tunic. Beauty expert Giulia Heiman believes that all salon workers should think of themselves ‘as their own brand.’

Salon Clothing

When it comes to choosing appropriate salon attire, it can be difficult to achieve the right balance between function and style. Whilst it is certainly important that a hair stylist or a beautician looks appealing to potential customers, it is perhaps even more vital that they can withstand the tough demands of salon life. Whether its dripping shampoo, messy make-up powders, nail polish or even tea and coffee stains – a salon uniform must be able to take all that is thrown at it.

The material must be durable and long-lasting, yet comfortable. Salon workers spend an awful lot of time on their feet, so it’s important for them to have a uniform that’s not too tight, not too hot and certainly not too prone to chafing. This is exactly why most salon workers tend to wear tunics. A tunic can be as tight or as loose as you like. It is plain, yet attractive – tough but snug. A tunic can be worn over regular clothes and removed very quickly in the event of stains or spills.

Furthermore, a tunic is the closest a uniform gets to being a ‘clean slate.’ Nurses wear tunics whilst completing their rounds, precisely because they are so understated. This doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to salon wear though, because for a salon worker – it’s all in the details. Perhaps a hot pink tunic is more you? Or a rose colored tunic with a wrap around front? There are endless styles to choose from and as long as your uniform is safe, hygienic and kept clean, there’s no reason why you can’t inject a little personal style into it.

Recent developments in materials research have also come up trumps. Uniforms can now be made with ‘intelligent material,’ – meaning that they’ll actively engage with whatever they come into contact with. This is a similar concept to the one routinely used by nurses and kitchen staff, who often wear uniforms containing the bacteria killing substance Permagard. Bacteria control isn’t as much of an issue in salons as it is in kitchens and hospitals, but similar substances to Permagard can also be used to keep uniforms clean and stain resistant.

There’s no getting away from the fact that a salon worker must look good – better even, than people working in other industries. It can sometimes seem like a shallow requirement, but nevertheless it is something that the business demands, say the experts at Salon Today. A stylist or beautician could be one of the best in the entire country, but if he or she comes into work with messy hair, dirty nails and an unkempt uniform – customers aren’t going to have much confidence in their ability. In an environment where the focus is on personal presentation, rather than on standardisation – it can be useful to allow employees a certain amount of freedom.

Once again, as long as a salon uniform is safe (it doesn’t have any loose bits of material that could get caught anywhere hazardous), durable and clean – it is more than likely appropriate. It is important however, that all salon employees follow the rules of their specific business. If the boss says no kimono ties on your tunic, it’s probably best to heed his or her advice. Remember – your uniform is there for a reason.  Even if it’s looks pretty, try to keep in mind the fact that it’s a fully functioning piece of hygiene and safety wear.

Author Bio: Lisa jane is an award winning hair stylist. She recommends Matrix Uniforms for high quality salon and beauty garments.

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