Choosing The Right Vanguard Cardfight Characters

There are several factors on which selection of the vanguard card fight characters depends. It will depend on how accustomed you are with the game and the type of gameplay you want.

If you are new, you should stick to the basics, but if you are quite old and familiar with the basics of the game, you can be more offensive in your gameplay. Quiz yourself to know which characters should you choose and it goes without saying, be honest with the answers.

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Way You Prefer

Consider the way in which you will prefer to play the game. You can be either outright offensive or extremely defensive. You can also play the game in offensively with some defensive options or defensively along with some offensive options.

The importance of having a lot of cards to choose from in your clan also plays an important role in building a deck. You must select characters who can attack for high power, or multiple times and someone that can manipulate field with powerful effects.

Regarding The Theme

Selection of vanguard cardfight characters must blend perfectly with the theme of the game as well. You may choose a clan that is bloodthirsty and ruthless or noble but strong depending on the theme. Some other choices available to you are dark and powerful clan, precise and elegant clan or it can be cool, flashy and cute to look at.

Versatility and the thinking power you want in your clan are also a contributing factor to making a perfect choice of your card fight characters. Most importantly, do not choose cards that are inconsistent and does not have enough options.

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