CINEMOOD Innovative Portable Gadget to Experience New Family Traditions

Do you want to entertain your kids while in travel? Well, you have CINEMOOD – the portable wireless device that can project movies and TV shows and your personal photos anywhere and anytime. It is a Mini cinema projector for families that want to entertain their kids when on an airplane or car. CINEMOOD is equipped with a cloud projector, which is loaded with safe and kids friendly content.

It features simple user interface and a lot of smart add-ons that make the device convenient to use for all ages. It has been developed to provide ‘edutainment’ and with a brilliant ecosystem, generations are brought closer by making new traditions and rituals.

Latest version of this CINEMOOD projector for kids redefines the watching experience for kids and families with a sleek design, portable projector, illustrated books and family images and the ability to watch multiple media content, such as MP4, avi and audio too.

It has added with an Android mobile app in order to extend the experience that includes convenient remote control and the ability to send family video messages.  You can download user content to the latest version through USB and enjoy the content with your little ones regardless of where you are.

It is said that CINEMOOD’s next version will be introduced in the upcoming Indiegogo campaign in March. The upcoming version will include a gaming Gyroscope, shadow theater, and better compatibility with smart phones for great parental control and the ability to easily download content through subscription.

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