Craze Of Photography From Passion To Profession

Photography is in craze since 26 century, yet at that time there was no technology and no advanced cameras. At that time two cameras were in existence obscura and Lucida. People noticed that an image is formed in dark room, later they noticed silver chloride turned into black when exposed to air, gradually photograph was taken on to polished pewter plate. This was first true photograph you can say a hardcopy to retain. Gradually invention of photography plates took place, people used silver and iodine vapour to produce black and white image. Vintage photography started in 16 century and now in 21 century it becomes the passion.

Vintage photography has faced many improvements and inexpensive copies. Earlier black and white vintage photography was introduced. People were unknown with the process of making coloured pictures. Daguerre was the first person who succeed in taking first photography. Later Taibot had read about his processor and tried to invent colourful copies of pictures. He used silver chloride to coat plates and then succeed in taking negative of photographs. Taibot was the person who gets patent of his photographic invention till he was alive. Later photography converted into profession from passion. People started inventing in the field of photography, exhibitions were held to make photography craze among people. Everyone was curious to know how actual picture of his own face can be printed on paper.

Eastman of New York later developed the process of taking negative in dark room which takes almost 8 hours, he used dry gel on paper to develop the negative of photograph which took 15 minutes. The first vintage photography camera was introduced in 20 century 35 mm camera. That was the time when black and white vintage photography was out dated. People started manufacturing several advanced cameras, having more facilities to take clear images.

If talking about 21 century you can call the age of technical innovations and achievements. Today several cameras are there in the market taking digital photographs. Less time consuming and less expensive. Android phones which have inbuilt cameras has increased the craze of taking photographs. Many hand cameras are available not only to take pictures from angels but also you can make videos of memorable moments. Several photograph editors are also there, with help of some app or software you can convert less beautiful face into fairy like glory. From 16 to 21 century vintage photography has converted from passion to profession. Today photography is a reputed profession, you can explore endless things with photography.

If you see the growth of photography from 16 to 21 century you will notice tremendous advancement. That time people were taking images on paper with help of silver chloride in dark room, later when exposed in sunlight they left impression on paper. Today advanced innovations have also used the old pattern, yet converted it into less time consuming and easy process. Anyone can take amazing pictures with the help of latest cameras and editing methods. If you take pictures with custom background that will add more charm to your picture. No holidays is complete without capturing beauty of landscapes, hills and natural beauty. In short life is incomplete without photography today.

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