Customize Your Rehearsal Invitations For Professional Results

Right from the designing to the wordings, rehearsal invitations should be handles with care and professionalism.

Invitations can be hand written or emailed and can also be conveyed over the phone, depending on the type of relation you share with the guests. It is always better though to have a tangible invitation than electronic if you want to make that professional impact on the mind of the invitee.

Care should be taken to send out the rehearsal invites soon after the wedding invites so that the invitees can keep the schedule straight and for timely RSVPs.

Customize Your Invitation

It is better to stand out to be outstanding and therefore you can customize your invitation to mark your style. Choose the image which is different from the others and also choose the background color matching with it. Choose different, attractive but legible fonts that appear fresh and clear to the eyes. Keep the text color visible and matching along with the background.

Add Your Photograph 

Another way to create a different impact on the mind of the guest is to add your photograph in the rehearsal invitations. Care should be taken to place it correctly so that it does not mismatch with the background theme or color.

It is okay to make it funny but that depends how your guest are and you should also think twice about their reaction to such fun statement. For safe and best result, it is advisable to include a photo which is special to you.

Keep All Informed

In case there is any change with the scheduling, you should inform your guests as soon as possible and therefore, it is better that you share your invitation online. This will save from all the unnecessary harassment to the guest. Use of technology and social media is best for such purpose and this is only when electronic invitation can be very helpful.

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