Dating Manners – All you Need to Know

When on a date especially if it’s your first one, there’re several factors that you should be careful about. Try to follow the instructions provided above and you’ll definitely end up impressing your girlfriend!

Dating Manners

Every teenager is excited about his first date as it’s one of the most remarkable moment of life which may further establish a long lasting relationship. Apart from study, there’re two events that a high school student waits for anxiously, prom night and first date. Finding the right person to go out with is not an easy task as you probably don’t know how the other person will react to your offer. Finally, after a hard struggle, you finally succeeded so here’re some do’s and don’ts on your first dating and chat.

Dressing & Attitude

The first thing that your date will observe is your dress so it’s advised that you should wear decent attire. Your clothes must not contain any insulting image or message imprinted on them. Casual but somber dressing is favored nevertheless, suit or a tux is preferred. If you can’t afford a new one, borrow it from your friend or father. Make sure that the clothes fit you right, that’s neither too long, nor too short.

Your attitude should be gentle but it certainly doesn’t mean that you act like a 50 year old. Be smart, fun, casual but don’t try to be over smart or something that you’re not. Share your ideas along with hearing what your boyfriend/girlfriend has to say. Your tone should be polite regardless of how you speak with colleagues and friends. In short, be a gentleman or woman.

Deciding the Place

Another factor that affects your date is the place and environment where you’re meeting. Before deciding a particular venue, it’s recommended that you ask her where she’s more comfortable. However, selecting a public site like a theme park, a fancy restaurant or some shopping mall is preferred as she might feel uncomfortable in private. Budget is something that surmounts all the factors so you should be very careful about spending more than your pocket allows you to.

Choosing an Appropriate Ride

How are you suppose to take your date to the venue without a proper ride? Therefore, you should also decide upon the ride that’s best, yet affordable. If you’ve a car, doesn’t matter how old it really is. Simple cleaning will work out just fine although, do have it repaired by a mechanic to avoid spontaneous breakup in between. In case you don’t have a private car, borrow from a friend or rent it out for a few hours.

Dining Manners – The Deciding Factor

Perhaps, the most important factor to analyze your date is at a meal table. Regardless of what you’ve ordered to have, it’s important how you chow it down. Your eating manners must be perfect and decent. Don’t stare at the food when served, offer it to your date first and then have some for yourself.

Fill out your plate partially, eat with a fork and knife, don’t forget to lay down your napkin. Take small bites and chew with your mouth closed. Remember that dining manners are most important for any event as people observe very carefully for any peculiar moment and you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

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