Dieghino: The Ultimate in Sanitary Care for Baby

Gone are those days when parents had to face an arduous and challenging task of having their babies cleaned in a hygienic way during the process of sanitation and changing of diapers and other accessories.

A revolutionary changing table is now available, which is designed with unique features and patented, so that moms and dads find it an easier task in changing their babies through a safe and secure way, while being able to carry out the cleaning process using both their hands.

Dieghino brings you an innovatively designed changing table which ensures total safety of the baby and makes it easier for parents to attend to their babies with necessary accessories accessible at hand. You do not have to move to get the cream and other items, as this table is designed with a container for creams and hangers and comfortable slots for diapers and napkins.

This anti-fallen and rotating safety device comes handy when it comes to saving time while ensuring total comfort of the baby. What is more, you can check on the baby’s growth without having to take the aid of any other gadget, as this table is designed with a Soft mat with metric scale, which allows the baby to sleep in comfort while you measure the growth.

Other unique features of the changing table include a built-in balance to prevent any tilting and a slot for smartphone, which allows you to attend to phone calls without having to search for the phone while you are attending our baby during the sanitary process.

The safety tapes hold the baby in place and prevent it from rolling over. This unique table allows you to speed up the process of cleaning and changing through a hygienic process while ensuring total security and safety of your baby.

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