Do Not Miss these Places when you are in Northern Vietnam

The best way to visit Vietnam is using the travel agent rather than arrange everything on your own. One of the best Vietnam travel agents is the Viet Bamboo Travel which provides numerous holiday packages. They offer trip to all over Vietnam with various day in which you can easily adjust your schedule. Their North Vietnam Tours offers the only high quality of service as we always try to keep the hotel and destination meet the up to date standard. As they have numerous packages, planning the trips certainly are convenient and efficient. They cover all your traveling need.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam and still have no idea where to visit; here are some North Vietnam Tours which is the staple for every traveler.

Halong Bay


Located in the northern Vietnam, Halong Bay is within the bounds with Chinese border. Halong Bay is considered as the world’s natural wonder. This is the place where dreams come true or at least films come true.

The Bay is dotted with around 1,600 stone islands and islets and the area spreads for over 1,500 square kilometers. The extraordinary bay area was declared as a Unesco World Heritage in 1994.

For many tourists, Halong Bay is the place similar to a movie scene. In fact, the wide range of biodiversities combines with the amazing scenery of the bay has actually featured in numerous movies. You can get to Halong Bay by minibus, car, and even helicopter. It is only 120km away from Hanoi.



It would be incomplete if you travel to North Vietnam and skip the tribal Village in Sapa. Sapa is ethnic village which is the most popular destination among tourists. The village is located in mountains which are known more as Tonkinese Alps. Depending on the season, you will find stacks of rice terraces in the highlands.

It can be green, lush, or only filled with water. There are plenty eye-catching ethnic style clothes, baby hats, purses, and other touristy stuff. This is how the tribal women make their money.

You only need to be wary if they can be a little bit pushy just because that is how they earn money for living. In addition, hiking around the Sapa can also be a great activity and then enjoy some warm chocolate in the hotel.



The capital city of Vietnam is a kind of big beast city in which every traveler firstly enters the country. Hanoi is a huge hub of museums and markets. When walking around the city, make sure to watch out for waves of motorbikes.

There are numerous places to visit in this city such as Literature Temple and St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Besides the historical places, street market in Hanoi is definitely a must try.

This is one way of indie travelers who want to taste the best Vietnamese food. There will be small blue and red plastic seats placed in the back street and the local women cook in big metal pots. You surely do not want to miss the pho bo or beef noodle soup, goi cuon or fresh spring rolls and much more.

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