Dog Pens for Inside

The perfect dog pen for inside can go a long way towards making your dog happy by letting it stay closer to you all the time. While building dog pens inside just take care of the fact that keeping the pen inside the house will create some obvious problems in future. Problem like the dog would be there inside the house all the time, and would create more mess than ever.

Dog Pens

Dog Pens

But you need to direct him and train him to not to create havoc in the house anyway. Panels used in constructing the dog pens for inside should be hard and durable enough to work for long time. Cut the edged off as per the requirement to suit the size of the dog pens for inside you are intending to build then.

Those edges should be covered with welded wired to avoid any injury in future. File down the edges which have been cut, since hose edges would be harder and sharp which may get you and your dog injured.

Constructing dog pens for inside would help you to pack it and shift to other locations whenever required. All parts in such pens are dispensable as the panels are attached to one another by hog rings which can be removed easily whenever required. The materials you would require to construct dog pens for inside could be like:

  • Chicken wire, Aluminum fence posts and welded wires to fence the pens
  • Chain link fencing
  • Tie wire
  • Concrete to build the basic structure’s root, so that it doesn’t get dislocated with little effort itself.
  • Latch and stones
  • River rocks or mulch to keep the pen safe for the pet.

Dog pen for inside should have eight by twenty ft size to fit a standard size pet. But it may vary depending upon the size and activeness of the dog. The height of the dog pens for inside should not be too much as it may make you house area look smaller then it is actually. Just take care of the comfort and safety of the dog before constructing dog pens for inside. The dog pens for inside should be madeup of strong material and should be stable enough to install posts to put fencing around it, like chain link posts.

On the edges of the dog pens for inside lay chicken wire along with the perimeter to constrain the dog from going out in the open as there could be weeds which may infect the dog. You can also use stakes to hold the chicken wire down. Cover the whole perimeter of the dog pens for inside except the gate area by running chain link from one post to another.

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