Dyson DC41 Animal Ball Vacuum – A Friend for Every Woman At Home

Each and every model of Dyson has been commendable and the evolution from one model to the next over the years has been great too. The dyson dc41 animal ball vacuum cleaner is currently the newest dyson dc41 ball vacuum cleaner. Along with the implementation of ‘cyclone technology’, there have been quite many improvements from the previous models that can be observed in the dyson dc41 animal ball version and make.

The first noticeable part in the name which would strike people is the presence of ‘animal’ within the product name, i.e. Dyson DC41 Animal ball. It basically refers to the build that can be observed in the product and also the power with which it can perform the assigned activities.

Dyson dc41 animal ball

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The vacuum functionality is monitored and executed through in and around the ball present itself. The ball in the Dyson dc41 ball is really not for the sake of it, but essentially has the parts inside it. That has resulted into the making of an even better and efficient vacuum cleaner.

Observing the interior of a Dyson dc41 animal ball vacuum cleaner model carefully, it is commendable how the duct work is done within, along with the motor and other parts. The intricacies of the duct work ensure that the furniture and all other unclean surfaces are clean enough to use with care.

It not only looks unique, but the levels that this model has set, are first of their kind too. They have rightly given the other name as the Radial Root Cyclone Technology which lives up to its name when functioning.

The Dyson dc41 animal model has better suction and much smoother airflow and not only that; it also has a fully automated active base which adjusts the cleaning corresponding to the different flooring  This has been the most powerful out of the motors used by Dyson in any other model.

There are tools available which work with this dyson dc41 version and make the cleaning joyous. The Stair Tool helps to clean and vacuum the staircases, while the Mini Turbine Head has a conveniently sized mini brush bar which optimally cleans anything from couches to vehicles.

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