Elenilto is the operator for SOSSB

Recently, the international exploration, target offshore prospects, in Senegal has been gaining momentum, thanks to the exploration results, discovered in Elenilto’s SOSSB.

Elenilto The development and prospecting of the 7920 square kilometers block of SOSSB – Senegal Offshore Sud Shallow Oil Block was entrusted to the global Elenilto Minerals & Mining LLC by the Government of Republic of Senegal. Earlier, it has executed the PSC (Production Signing Contract) with the Senegal’s Government and its national company, Petrosen. While Elenilto will be the major operator, Petrosen will have minority interest in the project.

This project is one of the many projects, all running into billions of USDs handled by Elenilto in many countries, including Africa (mainly West Africa) and Europe. Elenilto Minerals & Mining LLC, a UK based company, promoted by Jacob Engel is one of the world famous oil, mineral and gas developers in Africa. As an international forerunner, it has been developing onshore and offshore oil blocks, coal, iron ore, tantalum and other kinds of minerals.

The block is located in the offshore basin of Southern Senegal Casamance and is covered by 2D seismic. Volumetric assessment of the oil resources in this region based on the reprocessed 2D seismic coverage and some wells indicates a potential in excess of 1.50 billion barrels (mmbbls) of STOIIP. About 50% of the resources are in 1st priority leads (500 – 800 mmbbls), associated with shallow water salt domes and deeper water shelf edge traps. Elenilto has plans to explore further the other highly likely deeper possibilities. Initial areas selected for exploration are two and further 1,400 square kilometers 3D seismic survey has also been planned, in a few months’ time. The investment pattern is in the order of tens of millions of USDs. There is also a larger resource potential for super imposed multiple salt dome flank traps.

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