Erase Your Files Permanently from Apple Mac with AweEraser Three Data Erasure Mode

You have different apps and software to support your Mac data erasure. But out of all, AweEraser proves to be the most powerful. The app helps you to permanently wipe out the specific data from your storage media device and hardware. And once the data is removed, no one can ever recover it from a manual data recovery app.

However, it has three data erasure modes to help you erase data permanently under different circumstances. They are mentioned for you below:

Mode 1: Erase files

Under this mode, you can safely and permanently delete specific folders and files from your Mac PC or laptop. All you need to do is drop or add files to the erasure list and then tap on the “Erase” tab. The app will wipe away the selected files and folders permanently.

Mode 2: Erase hard drive

Under this mode, you can delete the complete external device or hard drive and wipe out and erase all the data stored on your hard drive. All you need to do is select the specific hard drive which you want to erase and then tap on “Erase” tab. AweEraser for Mac will allow you to safely and permanently wipe out all the data from your external device.

A short note:

  1. Once the erasing procedure begins, all the data stored on the chosen hard drive will get permanently deleted. So, if you want to keep a backup of your important data, then you should do it before erasing.
  2. If you are willing to erase data on the system of your hard device, you can also choose other modes “Erase Files” or “Erase Free Space”
  3. This mode will wipe out all the data from your hard drive and then you will be able to use reuse, re-sell or recycle your Mac PC or laptop. It will not at all impact the life of your hard drive.

Mode 3: Erase free disk space

The formatted or erased data isn’t lost eternally. It is stored on the free disk space and one can recover it via data recovery software. This mode will allow you to ease the free disk space completely and permanently. However, it will not have any impact on the hard drive.

These are the three modes of AweEraser app. You can permanently erase data on Mac in different modes in different ways as per your requirement and preference.

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