Event Planning Is All About Impressive Look & Impressive Work

Whether you are into planning event business, or you are planning event on behalf of some company you get to meet lot of people from various field every day. A career like event planning coordinator is exciting and a fast paced one. The job requires dressing appropriately as your overall personality will tell a lot about your work. Your first impression tells it all about how you being a person and how you take the profession.

Event Planning

Being an event planning professional is a tough job, since it requires taking in lot of responsibilities of the event and talking to lot of professional from lightning to catering to flower arrangement to audio/music to photography and much more.

Pay attention to your personal appearance, whether you are attending a business event for your work purpose or something formal. It is important to decide an outfit as per the event calls. For men it is tad easier, you can dress up in a tailored suit with colors like blue, black, grey etc. Make sure that you don’t have a flashy color on you. Sober up it with a silk tie, and some cufflinks to go with it.

For women, there are hosts of choices from wearing trouser/blazer suit, skirt, cardigan sweater, heels. These are the best outfit to wear for any business event. Make sure that you are not gaudy/tacky looking since you will represent your firm or the company where you are working. A bit of makeup and professional hairdo completes your look. Ensure that your makeup is minimal and not too loud, stick to the neutral colors when it comes to lipstick, eye makeup and blush.

Lastly, be confident in what you wear. Do not follow the trend blindly, see that the outfit you are wearing looks good and most importantly you are not squeezing inside.

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