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English: Bride-to-be (center) and friends share a toast at a bachelorette party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting ‘hitched’, is one of the biggest milestones in a person’s life. Keeping the general view in mind, women are often perceived to be more sentimental, sensitive and emotional than their male counterparts. It is not difficult to transcend then, that they are also often seen to be more excited, nervous and anxious about their wedding day or everything related to their wedding for that matter. In order to make their so called ‘last day of freedom’, most memorable and the best day of their life they indulge in celebrating the Bachelorette parties with full élan.

Here we list few ideas that will help you in the pre-show prep for planning the most important party in your friend’s life. Best like the bond you share! Just as we know the importance of the big day for the bride, we also know the importance of the bachelorette party where everyone wants to looks their best. These quick tips will guide you to transform yourself into a diva. You will be able to enjoy your feminine freedom in the best possible way if you adhere to these pointers.

  • Take Your Beauty Sleep: Getting proper sleep is the key to looking good with a fresh and a glowing face. Take proper rest before your big night so you have all the energy saved to enjoy the overall celebration without looking dull, sleepy or bored!
  • Watch What You Eat: Watching what you eat before the big night will help you in feeling great. Avoid foods that are starchy, greasy or heavy in content. Stick to a healthy diet. Gorge on lots of Juices, fruits and salads as they help in rejuvenating your body and flushing out the toxins.
  • Diva Outfit: No Bachelorette party is complete without the perfect ensemble. So get an outfit that would make you look like a supermodel and make heads turn wherever you go. Sassy, dazzling, bejeweled with sparkles and accessorized the perfect way will make you look glamorous and you will thoroughly enjoy all the attention you receive feeling like a true diva.
  • Book Your Appointment At Your Salon: This is the time to pamper yourself. So get yourself a manicure, pedicure along-with facials. Splash some jazzy colors and get all dolled up for the big night. Prepare yourself in the best way to look like the diva you want to.
  • Gym And Yoga Choose Your Pick: Before the festivities and celebrations begin you need to take time out for some workout sessions as you will be filling in a lot of unwanted fats in the areas you wouldn’t like. So get your groove on and sweat it out between shooters and girlie talk sessions of cupcakes, muffins and macaroons.
  • Hoard on Bachelorette Party Supplies: Get a lot of these party supplies like the tiara, Bride to be sash, Pin the macho game etc. It’ll be a great hit with the girlies if you stock up on creative and unique products that will keep them entertained throughout the night. Also do not forget to gift every girl a return favor for a wonderful bachelorette. This thoughtful gesture goes a long way in building your bond stronger and also for the girls feeling special and cared for!
  • Fiancé Watch: Plan a surprise date for your partner before your big night out, so he doesn’t feel left out and will also appreciate your thoughtful gesture by returning the favor on your honeymoon! A brunch or some activity together is a great relaxation technique before your big party. It also seems nice to see your partner all dressed up for you or taking an effort to do something special before the big day. You would also earn brownie points if you call them while you’re partying with your girls and also when you reach home. Keeping him informed will make him feel loved.

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