Five fail-safe baby shower gifts for new parents

If you are attending a baby shower it is customary to purchase a gift either for the new baby or the parents. Shopping for baby shower presents can be extremely fun, as there are so many different gift ideas to choose from.

The problem is that mothers-to-be often end up with so many unnecessary items, so we thought we would provide you with five fail-safe baby shower gifts that new parents will love!

baby shower gift

1. Baby onesies

New babies can never have enough onesies! New parents will be more than happy to unwrap yet another onesie, as it means they will have a constant supply of fresh clothing to dress their little one in, without having to put the washing machine on one cycle after another. Rather than heading straight for the new born section, consider purchasing a larger size. Babies grow quickly, so it may be more practical to buy a six to twelve months onesie that they can grow in to.

2. Nappies

Whilst you may think a pack of nappies is the worst gift idea in the world, it won’t be viewed as that by new parents! If you total up the cost of how many nappies babies get through a day, you will soon see how expensive they are for parents to buy. Always ask the parents what nappies they would prefer you to buy for their baby, as some parents will prefer cloth nappies, whereas others use disposable ones.

3. Baby books

Educational gifts like baby books are always well received by new parents. When choosing a selection of baby books, why not add a personal touch to your gift by selecting books you liked as a child. Some of the top selling baby books include The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Guess How Much I Love You.

4. Mum and baby bath products

Bath products make a lovely baby shower gift as they can be used by the new mother and her baby. When choosing bath products, always make sure they are suitable for new born babies.

There are many brands out there that use natural and organic ingredients to make bath products which are suitable for sensitive skin. Think about purchasing bath products which relaxing scents such as lavender and chamomile, as they will help both the mother and baby feel soothed and calm before bed time.

5. Baby decor

Some people worry that baby decor items make them look like they have put little effort into choosing a baby shower gift, but in fact they are often thought of as the best sort of gifts for new parents. Having a baby is exciting but expensive at the same time. Whilst new parents want to spend all of their money on toys, clothes and accessories for their baby, they need to save most of it for when the baby actually arrives! By purchasing baby decor items, you are giving the parents the opportunity to pick something for their little one themselves, without them having to worry about the expense!


When it comes to buying a baby shower gift, you needn’t spend a lot of money. In fact most parents-to-be will have already bought all of the big ticket items they need for their new arrival. Whilst you could spend your money on personalised gifts, it is sometimes best to go down the practical route. Remember it is not about making your gift stand out from the rest, but buying the new parents something they will actually get use out of when their bundle of joy arrives!

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