Get Multifunctional Baby Crib for your Baby for their Evolution

As a parent when you’re looking for furnishings for your newborn, what you actually want? Well, you would be looking for something that is unique, multi-functional, comfortable and cost effective. Is that all you need? If yes, then the best option for your baby is the multifunctional baby crib, the ChildHoodBuddy 15in1. Yes, the ever-evolving cot helps you fulfill all the furniture needs of your baby. Right from setting up a cot to a desk, you can literally arrange it any and every form. If you’re looking forward for a multi-purpose crib for your baby, then this is the best possible solution.

The best cot in the world is which remains useful with the growth of your child. It is the perfect cot which fulfills the every furnishing need of your growing child. You will get support of 15 different furniture pieces in just one product. The product is ideally perfect for twins and for all those parents who are looking for something reasonable to make profit from the usage of a modifying table, bassinet or bed side cot at one point of time. So, what next do you want from a furniture that you have just affixed for your child!

Whether you want a baby cot, crib or junior bed, it can easily be converted to anything. The furniture supports up to 15 conversion options. Crafted from ecological solid wood, it includes 4-piece foam core mattress. The best part is that you can use the additional bed, changing table as well as bassinet at the same time. The furniture is useful up to the 10th year of your baby and can bear up to 60kgs of weight.

ChildhoodBuddy offers you several furniture of kids in one product! It can be easily adapted to the changing needs of your child. The bed is perfect for twins and every variant can easily be enlarged. It co-grows with your child and has been recommenced as the best baby cot for your baby in the world. So, what more do you want for your growing child. It is the best you can buy for your child. It is available with bed set, without bed set and in different color options. You can choose it as per your requirement and preference.

Modify it, change it and use it as per your kid’s requirement. All you need to do is place your order and it shall be delivered right at your doorsteps. It is the smartest bed that has been created till date keeping the need and requirement of newborn babies and toddlers in mind. As your baby grows, so does the need and requirements. Thus, with ChildHoodBuddy 15in1 bed cum crib cum bassinet cum junior bed, you can easily adjust as per your baby’s necessities.

A familiar furniture will make the baby comfortable in his growing stage. They will get more used to it and will love the modifying changes with time. Bring it to your home and fulfilling your child’s necessities with time without spending a lot of money.

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