Getting personal with your date

Online dating opens up a whole world of opportunities for people looking for love on the internet. You get to meet a lot of interesting people and have fun at the same time. While it can be all fun and games, online dating conversations can be quite daunting. It is natural to be nervous and jittery when you want to get personal and know your date better.

Online dating Global Personals, a leading online dating site confirms that most people are nervous about what kind of information to seek out from potential dates. You want to know your date better without seeming rude, controversial or prying. There are a lot of safe, interesting ways to find out more about your date without having them run for the hills.

First things first; start off with simple questions. Don’t send a barrage of questions in an email. Your date will feel like they are interviewing for a job! You want your date to be comfortable and open up. So chat casually and let the conversation flow organically. You will then be able to eventually discover if your date is that special someone based on how they respond and whether you share more values aside from chemistry of course.

You can find out what they are looking for in a relationship. Most people online are generally honest with their intentions. Sites like Global Personals have evaluated answers to this question and they basically fall within these three categories: “Looking to have fun or something casual”, Open to possibilities” and “Looking for a long term relationship.” This question will help you know whether what your date wants is what you want and you can then decide which direction to take.

Laughter is the best medicine so why not go for some humour? Ask your date about their most embarrassing moment. You will be sure to get some laughs out of this plus it will be a great ice breaker. You can even give your account first just to get your date to open up. Keep it light and fun and you will both enjoy the laughs and boost each other’s’ confidence.

Also talk about vacations. People love travelling and discovering foreign places, so this will be a great way to get to know what your date loves. Ask about where they’ve been and what experiences stood out for them. If your date has never been out of their current location then you can talk about their dream destinations. Who knows, if things work out between you then you could go on a vacation together!

Pop culture is a topic that never ceases to offer lots to talk about. You can share each other’s interests on TV and favourite shows. You can talk about music, the arts and movies. Keep it humorous and light; avoid chattering on and on about TV like it is your reason for existing. You want your date to find your interests intriguing rather than a fixation.

You can never go wrong talking about family and friends. Everyone has an interesting story about their family so this will make for some interesting and revealing discussion. Just steer away from the family drama and you will be good to go.

Easy and interesting topics such as these will help you learn more about your date and reduce your chances of saying something you’ll regret later. Let the conversation flow and you will have an enjoyable and more personal online dating experience.

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