Getting Ready for Summer in Ibiza 2013

With the Summer coming up, it’s worth thinking about the benefits of a trip to Ibiza – great beaches, boat parties, and non-stop partying are all major appeals for heading to this Spanish island.

When you’re planning your trip to Ibiza, it’s important to work out what kind of wardrobe you want to take with you, both for when you’re hitting the clubs, and for when you’re sleeping a night off on the beach or by the pool the next day. With this in mind, what clothes should you go for?

Getting Ready for Summer in Ibiza For guys, it’s important to consider versatile clothes, with striped polo shirts particularly useful for when the weather might go down a few notches.

Vests are also a good idea, as they’re light and easy to clean, and don’t mean you have to skimp on style. Another option is printed t shirts, which have never been hotter and are like nothing else to make you stand out on the beach.

For hitting the beach and the pool, a good pair of swim shorts is in order – you also want a style of shorts that you’re comfortable wandering around in when you’re on the street and in the airport – another idea that’s worth considering are combat shorts, which can be found in different bright colours – alternatively, consider shorter chinos, which are comfortable, and go well with casual shoes like espadrilles. Aviator shades and fedoras can also be added to looks to complete a casual yet stylish outfit.

Girls also need to be comfortable during the day, and getting ready in their best for the night. Leggings, print jeggings, and chino skinny jeans are worth thinking about for daytime activities, as are cropped jeans. Sun dresses and maxi dresses are similarly effective if you want to stay cool, while in the night you can experiment with peplum dresses, drop hems, and skater dresses for your looks.

When in Ibiza, make sure you have a decent supply of swimwear and tops, and bikini sets that you can make your own with prints – other printed tops can include sleeveless and other varieties, while you can relax during the day with comfortable pumps, before going out with heels to the clubs in the evening and into the early morning. Look out  for styles where you can combine different layers – while it may be sunny most of the time in Ibiza, it’s not always so first thing in the morning when people are emptying out of clubs – bring shawls and some cardigans to keep yourself warm when this happens.

Ibiza’s all about being stylish without seeming like you’re putting in too much effort; there’s lots of great places to find clothes for the Summer, which include Blue Inc – who are leading the summer charge to Ibiza recently a competition to win all expenses paid packages to Ibiza, including spending money, entry into clubs (of course!), and lots of fab extras – all you have to worry about is looking good on the dancefloor and out on the beach!

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